It is with great care and thought that I plan for our time together. I strive for excellence and quality during our encounter and limit the number of engagements that I accept. I realize that certain situations may arise, but I do take great exception to cancellations. I would prefer not to have a harsh, written cancellation policy, so keep in mind how very disappointing it is for me. As a courtesy, please give me a minimum of 48 hours notice if you have a situation arise that requires rescheduling our time together.

LOCAL IN-CALL (The Miami/Fort Lauderdale area)

2 hrs  $1000
3 hrs.  $1500
4 hrs.  2000

COUPLES ~ A favorite tryst of mine

2hrs.  $1500

LOCAL OUT-CALL (3HR. MIN. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale)

3hrs.  $1700
4hrs.  $2200


3hrs.  $2200


2hrs.  $1200
3hrs.  $1700
4hrs.  $2200


1.5hrs.  $1100
2hrs.  $1300
3hrs.  $1800
4hrs.  $2300

COUPLES ~ A favorite tryst of mine

2hrs.   $1800

The time we spend together will not be easily forgotten. The connection we make may be one that has rarely been experienced in your lifetime. That is my gift to you…. to us! I am a healer, your exquisite and provocative lover and confidante. Let’s celebrate our union, our very special moment in time.

I invite you to be greedy, take everything that I joyfully offer. There is no longer the need for day dreaming, our long anticipated tryst is finally here. Our time together is so very precious,rare and profound. This is our reality…. and it happens to be so very very hot. We are going to “Rock Each Others World!”

When it is time to say “au revoir”, you will feel whole again. You will know contentment and satisfaction, your gratified and energized. You are my new special sweetheart, cherished and adored and completely satiated and alive.

I do enjoy taking exquisite care of my alluring man. Our erotic tryst should not be hurried. In order for us to fully partake and consume “The Cory Experience”, I passionately suggest you allow for a favorable amount of time together as time will pass all too quickly when we are together. You will be glad that you did.

At the start of our date, please be kind enough to discreetly leave your donation in an unsealed envelope or gift bag. No reference to this is desired or needed. Simply choose an appropriate location upon arrival and I will quietly handle it from there.

The only time we should discuss the consideration is if you would like to extend our shared time together. If that might be the case, please handle the situation discreetly and quickly. I’ll be anxiously awaiting for your return… greedy for the pleasure of your company again and again.

Thank you in advance for using proper etiquette and for your generous appreciation of our intimate time together. Appreciation is accepted as a gift and is not intended as compensation for any unlawful activities.