Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.

Northern New Jersey ~ New York City

Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.


“CAPTIVATING CORY”, a celebrated and talented Red-Head Vixen is ready to “ROCK YOUR WORLD”. A highly acclaimed and well regarded, elite and seductive mistress… this mature beauty delivers an exhilarating, intoxicating and extraordinary performance every time!

Highly rated and reviewed by The Erotic Review (TER) as New Jersey’s #1 companion, ranking her top 15 in the nation, her 10/10 reviews shout out in praise for this mature star’s appearance and performance. Notably, Cory was selected to be TER’s Ms. December 2016. Do take the time to look at some of Cory’s visuals and videos. Photographers nationwide seek the opportunity to work with her.

Cory has a gift. Perhaps it is because she is passionate about everything she does. This intriguing and erotic companion embodies an enticing magnetism along with irresistible femininity that most find utterly breathtaking and arousing. A provocative, vivacious and alluring force of seductive goddess energy, Cory’s desire has always been to provide an exceptional encounter… one that exceeds the desires and expectations of those she chooses to meet.

“I have never felt more confident and alluring ~ vibrant and desirable ~ seductive and sensual. There are certain qualities which only a mature woman can embrace. They are acquired from the experience of time and age only. I call it “A HIGHER STATE OF SEXY!”

An intelligent, articulate, and perfected woman, Captivating Cory is not an unapproachable princess. She is the woman with whom you feel comfortable .. someone you can easily talk to. You are proud to have her by your side. It feels so genuine and uncomplicated that others would think you have been special friends forever.

“Cory is an irresistible temptress, an enticing siren, a diverse and acclaimed companion whom you long to spend all time. She has a passion for intimacy, the kind that takes your breath away.”

My interests include, but are not limited to: fine dining (Ok… I admit, I am an avid foodie!), cooking, dancing, entertaining, traveling, flying, (preferably when I can be your co-pilot), scuba diving, boating, shooting a few rounds of ammo at the gun range, exploring new places and cultures, giving and receiving massage. I am eager to experience all that I can with you, participating with a fierce abandon. It is my unwavering desire to keep you completely captivated during our time together, thus making our tryst a very extraordinary moment in time.

Words to describe the many facets of Captivating Cory’s personality, quick witted and perceptive ~ elegant and compassionate ~ alluring and provocative ~ sensuous and daring. She is engaging and diverse ~ kind and considerate ~refreshingly authentic!! Cory can be an irresistible temptress, that enticing siren, a woman with whom you long to spend all time.