Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.

North New Jersey ~ NYC ~ Worldwide

Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.


Posted: February, 2017 by THEMANINCHARGE

Appearance  10 РOne in a lifetime

Performance 10 – One in a lifetime

Washington DC

General Details

Set up with Cory is through her assistant Kat. Once you are verified Cory will contact you herself. She takes the time to get to know you better. The start of our date was delayed a bit, but we stayed in contact and it was all good. I met her in the lobby of her hotel for our four hour adventure. We greeted and embraced like long seperated lovers. We went to the bar and ordered drinks to take upstairs. When we got on the elevator, we were alone; the door closed and I moved in for a DFK. She is an amazing kisser, especially while she massaged between my legs. The elevator door opened as our kiss ended. We walked to her suite and stepped behind closed doors…

The Juicy Details

When we entered her suite she changed into a champagne colerd mini dress with matching stilleto heels, she looked amazing. We put on some music and we danced a slow and sultry grind. Before the song was over we ended up on the couch with my face draped in her gorgeous red hair. We kissed deeply all the while she massaged my cock through my khakis. After a few moments of this bliss, she suggested we move to her bedroom. She laid down on her bef and we continued to kiss and make out. She started to unbutton my shirt, she laughed as she undid each button, because she just wanted to rip my shirt off. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. She took my cock into her amazing and hot mouth; it didn’t take long before I could feel the head bouncing off the back of her throat… amazing skills. The next thing I knew she was on her back and sucking my cock really deep down her throat. I had to stop her so I wouldn’t blow right then. At this point she mentioned that she had bought a special outfit just for me. She went into her bathroom to change. While she was changing, she got very excited about her new outfit. She kept calling out oh this is so hot!. We she stepped out, my jaw dropped. She was in a one piece body stocking that looked like thigh high black stockings and a black corsette. I got her back on the bed in that hot outfit and worshipped her amazing body.

Unfortunately, the outfit couldn’t stay on long. It wasn’t crotchless and I wanted to taste her. So off came her outfit and I buried my face between her legs. She tasted so good and she has a great pussy with an ample clit. From there we wound up in a 69 with her taking me deep in her throat again. It wasn’t long and I was ready to blow again. She had told me one of her biggest turn ons was seeing cum shooting out of her man’s cock. So I laid on my back and let her finish me with her hand. She stroked me with expert hands and soon my cock was erupting white lava onto her hands. As I exploded she moaned and growled like a cougar in heat. Her reaction to my orgasm was a huge turn on.

We took a short break for some snacks that she had provided and shared a glass of wine that I had brought.

After our break, we returned to her bedroom for round 2. She sucked my cock back to an erection and on went the cover. I mounted her in missionary and slowly and erotically fucked her. All the while, she is talking about how good my cock feels inside her. It wasn’t long and she guided me into her tight little back door…oh my god! It was like having my cock in a vise of molten chocolate! It only took a few minutes and it was time. I pulled out and she removed the cover and asked me to stroke to completion. While I was stroking she stradled me and she masterbated to a squirting orgasm all over my cock…wow! I continued to stroke my now, well lubricated cock. She told me to let her know when I was ready. I stroked my cock as she sucked and licked it. When I told her I was ready, she took the head in her mouth and sucked the bullets right out of my gun!

My review can never describe the experience of being with Cory. She is an amazing and seductive companion! She is, hands down, the best I have ever been with. I have never repeated with a provider, but that has changed. I can’t wait to see her again.